Why Invest in a photographer?

When you invest in custom photography you are investing in beautiful artwork to fill your home with as well as lifetime memories for you and generations that follow.

Please read through the FAQ to see if we are a good fit! Memories are gold and you want to make sure that my style is what you are looking for!

My Packages

Short & Sweet

this is a quick 30 minute session will be shoot at one location and is designed for single families and couples.

You will be able to select your 15 digital files.

*option to purchase additional digital images and prints/wall art via an online gallery


our story

Up to 60 minutes of shooting time for single families or couples.
You will select your 30 digital files.

*option to purchase additional digital images and also prints/photo books/wall art.
Additionally, the gallery gives you access to online print store.


More is more

Simply more time & more photos!
Do you want to change outfits or locations? Or add more people to your session?
This package is for you!
50+ HR images ready for download.
This session is for larger family groups. Price will vary on the size of your family.

Starting at $550

The Bundle

Two sessions in one price - bundle and save!
Great if you want photos from different seasons, or bundle maternity & newborn photos. Choice is yours!

Keep both sessions for yourselves or keep one & gift one!

* 35+35 edited digital images


Fashion & Boudoir

This session is all about you!
Make up and hair artist available
Pricing depends on location, services and products.

starting at $550


sport, concerts, celebrations, documentaries



Whether you're looking for personal branding photos for your social media , business headshots or it's time to show off what you're selling: you're in the right place!
Priced individually for your exact needs.

contact me


Thinking of throwing out the stress of wedding planning and eloping instead?! Take me with you! This is the time of your life to start off your marriage in the way that YOU want to.
Up to 15 people

starting at $1700

Intimate Micro weddings

Little bit of adventure mixed in with a little bit of traditional! Sound like you? Basically you are wanting close friends and family there to celebrate with you, but you also want the opportunity of making it unique by saying your vows in an epic location

starting at $2100

Traditional Weddings

Weddings are my jam! The emotion, the atmosphere.. and every single one is so different! My style reflects the type of person that I am - emotional filled storytelling photography. I love letting the moments unfold in a real way as I capture your story.

Starting at $3250

mini sessions


Mini sessions are designed for small photo opportunities. Whether you are someone who enjoys having multiple sessions a year, or someone who is not ready to invest in a full family session with me, minis are your opportunity.

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Where do i shoot and do I travel?

I'm based in MN, but any place is an option as I love to travel! I will be more than happy to travel to your dream location. i may require a travel fee, depending on where the shoot takes place and what package you go with.

How I shoot?

I've got a pretty crazy trigger finger when I'm shooting! The way I shoot might be a little untraditional from most photographers but it works for me and it's a lot of fun! Anytime I get you to do a fun prompt, I'll be shooting it like crazy! I'll be running around with you, shooting high and low and from all sides to get all the fun angles. It is very likely I'll have you repeat some activities so I can get closer or farther away to add the variety!

Variety for me is always key. If you bring multiple outfits or we go to more than one location, we'll be able to get different scenery and can tell more of a story in your gallery.

I also get variety by switching up a lot of poses and shooting ALL the angles with every pose we do. I could get 10 different photos of the same pose and they all look totally different!

How I edit?

The way a photographer edits is one of the first things you might be drawn to without realizing it! Photography is a very visual form of artwork and creativity. Even if you aren't a photographer, you have your own style, colors, and vibe that you're drawn to when looking at photos. If you're on the hunt for a photographer, then you might have made it all the way to my website because you were drawn to my photography style! Yay!

When I edit, I take into consideration all the colors and light that are in the photos. You might see a photo that was taken in a golden hour sunset and a photo that was taken during blue hour (after the sun has set or before it rises) and notice a huge difference in the colors of the image.

My editing style comes from keeping as much of the natural color that is in the photo as possible and then adding my own creative pop to it. I tend to edit more on a warmer side and I focus so much on on the skin tones of my clients. Overall, I want my photos to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I can take editing of your gallery to a whole another level of creatively too! I love the blurry, grainy, out of focus photos just as much as the crisp, clean, sharp images. In your gallery, I will mostly deliver the sharp/clear images. But I will also give you a handful of images that might be a little grainy and blurry to add aesthetic and variety to your gallery. So before you throw out one of the images that are just totally blurry, take a step back and look at the image and see if it makes you feel something! Those images weren't put in the gallery by mistake.

Can we shoot more than one location?


I usually recommend doing 1 or 2 locations, but more than that can take away from our time to take photos and can even be more stressful! I don't want you to stress out about time and traveling, so 1 or 2 locations is usually perfect!

I also want you to be confident in knowing that even if we only had 15 minutes in one spot, we can get plenty of photos! A variety in scenery is always great, but these photos will be focused on you and emotions and connection! So don't be too caught up in the location, we will have SO MUCH FUN either way!

What do we do? This is our first time

I want to give you a heads up! If you do prefer photos that are really poses to get the perfect photo or the perfect smile, then I might not be your photographer! If you're coming in with the mindset of having fun, enjoying yourself and creating some spontaneous memories, I'm your gal! Let's do it!

I need you to be willing to trust me! I will never make you do anything dangerous, but I do ask you to do a lot of things that might remind you of being a kid! Piggy back rides, rolling around in the sand, holding hands and spinning in a circle, running and jumping into each others arms are all things I might have you do! However its about your, so your comfort zone will be my limit!

What if my kids are not behaved?

Perfection is never the goal. Kids will be kids, and guess what? That is OKAY! My main goal is to create and experience with your family that will paint memories for your family. I strive to create moments that organically capture the essence of your family, and sometimes that includes kids being… well kids. Let me worry about making this an amazing experience for you and your family!

How many pictures will we receive?

I don't put a limit on the number of photos I deliver. You will get all the edited images that touch me in any way!

For a session it can be anywhere from 30-60 photos.
For an elopement it can be anywhere from 300-600 photos.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within 3 weeks (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your story). You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints!

Wedding turnover is can will be 8-12 weeks.

Do I have to order prints through you?

No! You dont! You can get your images printed anywhere you would like, however I strongly encourage you to print them at a professional printer. I work with WHCC photo lab for best results.

What you wear matters!

That's right! Come feeling as comfortable as you can! We can always make time for formal photos at the end of the session in a beautiful dress. But come to the session in your most favorite outfit! Ripped jeans and simple tees are the way to my heart
- the comfier you are, the more fun we'll have!
The perfect outfit to come prepared to let loose is the comfy one for sure! We will get the goofiest, happiest, most joyful and fulfilling photos in this type of outfit where the two of you can be super playful and not worry about wardrobe malfunctions! The comfier you are, the more fun we'll have

What do you recommend we wear for a session?

First and foremost, I want you to be comfortable! I actually don't recommend wearing something brand new that you've never worn before. We don't want any wardrobe mishaps you would worry about and I want you to wear something you absolutely KNOW you love and are comfortable in.

I always recommend earthy tones and even add some fun layers to your aesthetic. If it's hot and you just want to wear shorts and a tank top that's great! Maybe add some bracelets, necklace, a hat, a neck scarf, or tie a long sleeved shirt around your waist. Adding fun layers to your outfit (even if your outfit is simple) can add a lot of fun elements to the photos.

If it's colder, then I'm always loving a good beanie and a hoodie in some photos! Casual is always best for my style!

Can we get the photos that aren't edited?

No, sorry!

I will go through all the photos and delete a lot of the duplicates, blurry, or badly exposed images and deliver only ones I love. Those will be edited High Resolution images ideal for sharing and/or printing.

How do you photograph weddings?

On your wedding day, all I want to capture is the feelings, the mood, the emotions, the calm and crazy moments and all the details that make your wedding unique. That's why I mostly photograph smaller, non-traditional and laid-back weddings.