The story of a photographer, aka a little about me and my biz!

I am a lifestyle and boudoir artist rooted in Minnesota, BUT I am more than happy to travel! I am passionate about documenting emotional, meaningful, and real moments and strive to keep my work creative and unique.

I have been passionate about photography since I was 12! I had a dream of being a photographer ever since I can remember. I have been working and striving to be a better photographer and finding ways to give each of my clients the best experience I can! I never imagined I'd actually be published in a magazine, a bunch of them actually.

I want you to have fun during our time together, I want you to forget I am there and just enjoy the people you are with. Whether that is your fiancé, or your family - I am not here for a photoshoot - I am here to capture the intimate moments between you and the ones you love. I want your session to be different. I want to tailor it to your wants, needs, and likes.

Do you love to go hiking? Do you want to play the guitar outside for your partner? Do you want to go wine/beer tasting? Let's do it!

The moment is now

Let’s explore one day of your life and turn it into  timeless mementos. Contact me today and let's set out on this  journey.